Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Take Back Your Heart

Tngh2 x de keje ni blh la aku meng'update blog ,
org lain duk relex2 nak gk aku rasa relex2 ..hehe
erm tajuk take back your heart ni sbnrbya tajuk journal Yasmin Mogahed tulis ..
aku suka baca ape yg dia tulis, ada makna tersirat and sebagai motivasi tuk diri aku ni..
kadang2 aku ada masalah ke aku baca ape yg dia tulis ..
boleh gk la menghilangkan stress di opis..hehehe

dalam take back your heart ni , dia tulis psl manusia yg lalai (mcm aku )
kita lalai sampikan terlupa langsung pada siapa kita sebenarnya ..
aku pn x reti sngt nak wat summary ni ..hehe
klu sapa yg berminat bc la take back your heart
sharing is caring ..

Monday, November 14, 2011

Coretan Seorang Teman

I have been calling to write this entry
for some reasons i had to write in english
even my english a bit 'ting-tong'
hope reader can understand what i'm try to tell ..

First of all , i thank Allah for what i have ..
the journey that i take from 1 day in this world until now ..
Allah is the best planner ..i have a great life ..
even sometimes i feel down but He give me my friend and family ...

My friend..
i know u have been through very DIFFICULT life ..
Allah tested u because He know you can face it ..
don't u remembered what our teacher had told us..
He give us problem because He love us ..
He want us to keep turning back to Him ...
coz He is the best helper ..

My friend ...
even u have changed a lot ..
i don't want u to changed anymore ..(ENOUGH)
yesterday u r part of my life ..
i dont to loose u anymore ..
today and forever I LOVE U  ..